Daily Habits of a Godly Wife: Worship as a Lifestyle


 What's your first thought?

Most people would say music. They'd think of their favorite song from Sunday mornings or their local Christian radio station.

To worship God means to bow down before Him.

When you bow before God, you are giving an outward sign of your honor, obedience, and reverence.

How else can we outwardly show our obedience to God? What does He ask of us?

He asks that we love Him, and love others. How do we love others?

Through service. We serve. We honor. We esteem higher than ourselves. We seek to elevate. We provide for their needs, often at the expense of our own.

How do we love God? 

Through obedience to His Word.

When you submit to your husband, you can be worshipping God.

When you open your home to show hospitality, you can be worshipping God.

When you discipline your child with kindness and love, you can be worshipping God.

When you stand at the church doors to greet people, you can be worshipping God.

When you scrub toilets, bake bread, clean and put away laundry, mop the floor, do the dishes, rock a crying baby, you can be worshipping God.

Why do I say you "can be" instead of "you are"?

It all comes down to motive and attitude.

If your heart posture is to do those things in an effort to check a box, or outwardly display godly virtues, or your attitude is bitter and begrudging, then those are simply actions. They are not worship.

But when your heart is to obey God, to love Him, to love others, then sweet sister, every act of service becomes an act of WORSHIP of God.

Cultivating a lifestyle where we intentionally seek and find ways to show God's love to each person in our home first and foremost, then extend to those around us, through selfless service, kindness, mercy, and hospitality...

...this is how we develop a lifestyle of worship.

What are some ways you can think of to live a lifestyle of worship? Share in the comments to help encourage and equip other women!

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