Daily Habits of a Godly Wife: Get Plenty of Sleep

Daily Habits of a Godly Wife: Get Plenty of Sleep
How well are you sleeping?

Not only does inadequate sleep affect your mood and emotions, but it also has long-term damaging effects on your heart and circulatory system, metabolic system, immune system, nervous system, brain function, and mental health. 

Taking care of your body by ensuring you get enough sleep is vital in order to effectively care for your family, manage your emotions, and respond biblically to challenging situations. 

Prioritizing sleep is an essential aspect of self-care that is often overlooked.

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Daily Habits of a Godly Wife: Exercise Regularly

Daily Habits of a Godly Wife: Exercise Regularly
You know...but do you KNOW?

Scripture tells us our bodies are God's temples...and we shouldn't destroy God's temple. 

Have you considered that a lack of exercise could be contributing to the destruction of your body, which is God's temple?

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Living a Godly Wife Life: 5 Tools for Your Health

Living a Godly Wife Life: 5 Tools for Your Health
Oftentimes the discussion around living a godly wife lifestyle has a lot to do with ensuring you're studying scripture and learning God's instructions and expectations.

This is the most important thing to do!

You can't become a godly wife when you don't know what you're supposed to be doing. Read the instructions (aka The Bible).
Likewise, it's very, very easy for us to fall back into sin when we aren't feeling well.

When we experience:
  • fatigue
  • exhaustion
  • headaches
  • sleeplessness
  • irritability
  • inability to concentrate
Despite knowing that we *should* submit to our husbands, and we *should* show them respect, we can often snap at them (or our children) when we're experiencing anything from the list above.

There are several tools related to this area of physical, mental, and emotional wellness that I have found to be extremely helpful.

This is a pre- and pro-biotic, technically formulated for kids, but I love it so I take as well. Gut health is HUGE. When our gut isn't healthy, it can throw everything else out of whack, like our immune system so we get sick more easily, it affects our emotions, brain function, everything.

It tastes like a Pixie Stick, so my 2-year-old loves it as well. He can't quite "shoot" it like a Pixie Stick, so my tip for little ones is to put it in a shallow bowl or cup and let them get it on their finger and lick it off.

Ningxia Red is a powerful antioxidant supplement drink made from wolfberry puree that packs such a punch, you only need a tiny 2oz serving each day. This is another one that my little guy loves because it's delicious! NingXia provides total body wellness. Here are just a few of its benefits:

  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Helps us be proactive against all the germs coming our way
  • Provides energy support
  • HUGE source of antioxidants
  • Support brain and joint health
  • Supports healthy hormone levels
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Can help curb sugar cravings
  • Whole-food, nutrient dense supplement full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polyphenols
Super B is a B complex supplement that is great for maintaining healthy energy levels, supporting mood and cardiovascular and cognitive function. Our current lifestyles often leave our adrenal system (our fight or flight response) on overdrive, and B vitamins are a great way to support that system!

NingXia Red and Super B work so well together to help with regulating all the body systems and having natural energy. If your energy is depleted, it's so much easier to get irritable and impatient.

4. Exercise
This is a HUGE factor. Exercise not only helps our body to maintain the movement it was designed to have regularly, but it also helps our organs and muscles to be challenged. Regular exercise ensures that our bodies burn calories, which is a natural function of the body. It helps us to increase energy, strength, stamina, sleep better, reduce stress, and just feel better.

If you don't yet exercise regularly, please check out BodyFit by Amy on YouTube. Her channel is full of FREE workouts that you can do at home, many of them with no equipment so you don't have to purchase a single thing. She offers modifications not only for beginners, but also for pre- and post-natal moms, as well as experienced exercisers who need to up-level.

God created plants, fruits, and trees with so many different functions, all for our benefit. Scripture speaks of using plants as medicine. 

When choosing oils, you want to be sure they are of the highest quality and purity. This is why I choose Young Living. They are the only company that owns their own farms and is involved in the process from choosing the soil to packaging the product. They ensure quality the entire way through with their Seed to Seal Promise, never leaving anything to chance. They perform rigorous testing, using third parties, and will often allow an item to go out of stock simply because it doesn't meet their high quality standards. You get what you pay for, and in order to ensure the health of my family, I will gladly pay for the quality, purity, and expertise I know goes into each Young Living product.

Here are some oils I would recommend for us with helping to regulate emotions:
Valor (helps with anxiety)
Lavender + Cedarwood (great combination for sleep!)

I recommend diffusing in your bedroom nightly to help with getting restorative sleep each night.

The most important thing is to take care of your health with good food, sleep, water, exercise, and ensure you are studying God's Word every single day. 

The other measures won't mean anything if you aren't plugged into Him as your source of power. 

They are simply tools that He has created in order to help you in your journey. 

I am so grateful for these tools and will gladly accept them from Him! Will you?

If you have questions any any or all of these, please reach out and let me know. One of my goals is to make sure that we are being good stewards of our finances, and that means helping you save money. Please reach out to me so that I can help you place your first order and get the best deal possible for you and your family.

Which of these areas do you struggle with the most? 
Fatigue, irritability, focus, something else?

Share in the comments and let me know how I can pray for you.

Would you take a bath in your bed? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Would you take a bath in your bed? 🤦🏻‍♀️
Sleep Hygiene

When I first heard that phrase, I had visions of a bathtub in my bed. 🛀🏻 Literal hygiene. 

Apparently not. 😂

Sleep hygiene refers to the ways you take care of your health to promote better sleep. 

Some people are diligent about making sure they exercise regularly, avoid caffeine late in the day, stick to a strict sleep/wake schedule, and turn off all electronics.

Other people are on their cell phones as they fall asleep, or watching TV. They don't exercise, they consume a lot of alcohol late at night, and have a tendency to go to bed at all different times.

Which of those people do you think sleep better and feel more refreshed and energetic throughout the day?

My money is on the first group of people. Those are the ones with good sleep hygiene habits.

Did you know that 35% of adults admit to getting less than 7 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period? This, my friend, is the definition of sleep deprivation.

What happens when you're sleep deprived?

Lots of things. For one, sleep deprivation is the cause of 1,500 fatalities and 40,000 nonfatal injuries every single year in the United States

And what else?

  • It can cause you to be less alert, less able to focus, and less able to problem solve.
  • It hinders your ability to lose weight (and can actually cause you to gain weight).
  • Causes your skin to age faster.
  • Impairs your memory.
  • Can lead to heart disease and high blood pressure - both of which can be fatal.
  • Increases risk of depression and anxiety.
This is why sleep hygiene is so important!

There's a lot more than just a handful of habits that go into sleep hygiene - the foods you eat; the books you read; what you think about during the day can even affect your sleep.

That's why I have a FREE Sleep Checklist available for you to download and work through, to help you develop better sleep hygiene habits so that you can begin to sleep more soundly each night, and wake up feeling refreshed throughout the day. I want you to live your life feeling as good as possible

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4 Areas of Self Care to Energize Your Life! A Guest Post

4 Areas of Self Care to Energize Your Life! A Guest Post

I have been wracking my brain to think of how I can best serve and help you during this time when we're out of our normal routine and thrown into unusual circumstances. I met Deborah and loved how she infused self-care with energy, and I gratefully accepted her offer to guest post on the blog this week. 

I hope that you find as much value in these tips as I did! As always, please let me know what you think and if I can help you in any way. 

We all have demands on us that drain our energy. In fact, that is how humans are designed right? We put forth all day and then sleep hard at night! 

But sometimes we struggle to really RESTORE ourselves and our energy. 

The truth about Self Care that gets lost in pop culture is that it is more than getting massages, or treating yourself to a girls day, or taking the most amazing vacation ever. 

Self Care is any intentional action we take that cares for our mind, body, spirit, or emotions.  Using that as an outline, let's talk self care!

1. Care for Your Body.

It’s so easy to let caring for your body slide, especially if you don’t like what you see in the mirror. Out of sight, out of mind, you’ve got more important things to do right!??! Wrong! 

Taking care of your physical needs is most important, because if you don’t, then you have nothing to give. 

It’s so easy to recommend sleep to reenergize, but if you are a mama, sleep doesn’t just come! 

So what are other, practical ways, to recharge you throughout the day?

  • Schedule yourself 10-20min to exercise: yoga, walking, bench pressing babies... 😊

  • Pause to rest your mind and body for 10 minutes. 

  • Make your favorite smoothie.

  • Honor your physical space; cleaning can be a gift to yourself.

  • Celebrate one aspect of your body; this will lift your mood and improve your ability to care for it well.  

2. Care for Your Mind.

Mental health is no joke and we see the effects of neglected mental health everywhere. 

The truth is, our minds aren’t safe. At some point we can get so wrapped up in our own thoughts and beliefs it can be difficult to untangle them all without professional help. 

The first step of good mental health is acknowledging where you are. Is postpartum still kicking your head? Are long, lonely days at home leaving you confused as to the day? Are you struggling with being a working mom, the battle between heart and need? You aren’t alone! So why stay alone? 

  • Acknowledge out loud where you are mentally, telling your partner or a friend. 

  • Remember to take time throughout your day to talk to other adults.

  • Make a list of topics or tasks that excite your brain, and make time to enjoy them. 

  • Read books and write in a journal.

  • Remember to dream a little, set your inner creative free, down a happy path, and enjoy the ride!

3. Care for Your Spirit. 

We don’t always like to think about our spiritual selves; religion might not be your thing, but you still have a soul. 

In ancient Greek the word used is “Psuche” which means breath. The idea is that your spirit is your very breath, it is the core of who you are, and the ultimate purpose in your life. The Greeks also didn’t break humans down into these four parts, instead recognized that they are all one, all interconnected, and all valuable. 

In neglecting your spirit, free, religious, or otherwise, you neglect a very important part of who you are and all you can be. 

  • Make time for your daily religious practice.

  • Identify passions that you can live out every day within mom-life!

  • Identify your personal values; if you aren’t living in line with these values, you will have inner battles that are very draining. Living aligned with them, you will free up energy. 

  • Take time to identify who you are now, and who you want to be growing forward, and embrace your true spirit!

4. Care for Your Emotions.

Emotions, feelings, are just information telling us about what is happening around and in us. 

Because so much can change moment to moment, our feelings can often feel like a roller coaster. 

Scientists have now begun to see how these feelings are stored in the cells of our bodies, trauma, anxiety, and such. 

Remember that when you feel like you cannot care for your emotional world, that it's too overwhelming, psychotherapy can really help.

  • Crying is healthy. There is no shame in it. So have that good, cathartic cry.

  • When juggling multiple emotional worlds, remember your kids' emotions are theirs, they need to learn to process them. While it is your job to teach this, it's not your job to process it for them.

  • Make a habit to enjoy self-soothing practices, anything that calms and re-centers your emotional world.

  • Name your emotional need, and learn to identify what meets it, so that you can learn to ask for what you need. 

  • Giggle, flirt, and celebrate life with your partner; it's easy to get bogged down in the emotional depths of life - pause to enjoy the fun parts, too.

Today’s guest blogger is Deborah Sprague, a Certified Professional Coach who delights in helping clients break through barriers and reach personal goals! Teaching others how to Self Care has long been a passion of hers, and her favorite ways of caring for herself are hiking; listening to music; viewing art; and enjoying healthy, delicious, food! She can be found encouraging you to self care on Instagram and Facebook @PsucheLife