...especially when it comes to our husband.
Sometimes it can feel like we're stuck in a rut doing the same "nice" things for him over and over again.


You can download the original calendar with missions that are good anytime, or you can grab the Winter Edition with missions specific to the winter season.

There are things that will appeal to each of the five Love Languages, whether your husband is partial to one or all.

This is my story!

As a Christian, it can be embarrassing to admit I've been married three times. 

As a woman who feels called to teach about marriage and submission, it can be almost unthinkable that God would put this on my heart after two failed marriages.

But God often uses the broken to accomplish His purposes - and He does not clothe us in shame, but in righteousness.

I have lived the life of the controlling wife. I have lived the life of the controlled wife

Neither brings the blessings God has for marriage.

Through my mistakes and failures, I've learned what submission is, and what it is not.

I am learning and growing every day in my role as a biblically submissive wife, a bonus mom, and a homemaker who cares for her home and family in joyful wellness!

Join me on my journey as I share some of my lessons, tips, and ideas to equip you to live in joyful submission and wellness!

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