Does your husband find you attractive?
If you're like me, when you first met your husband and while you were dating, you spent an embarrassing amount of time choosing outfits, putting on make-up, figuring out your hair, and making sure you looked your absolute best when you saw him.

Then we got married, and after a while living in the same home where you have every right to feel comfortable, you may have cared less and less whether you were intentionally pleasing him or not.

Some wives make drastic changes to their hair either by cutting it or dying it, without first asking their husband's opinion.

Some wives go shopping for clothes and never think to ask their husband which items they like before they purchase.

I've heard many wives joke about how they don't even bother to shave their legs anymore, because they're married so they shouldn't have to.

After months or years of marriage, while our husbands remain faithful to us - the only women they are truly "allowed" to look at and lust over - we tend to punish their faithfulness by disregarding their opinions about our appearance.

Some women get upset because their husbands don't compliment them anymore or tell them how beautiful they are - but have they stopped to consider whether they are intentional about catering to their husbands preferences?

Here's my encouragement to you today, sweet friend. 

Before you change your hair, or buy that new outfit, ask what your husband thinks

If he doesn't want you to cut your hair, then don't. If he doesn't like a certain outfit, don't buy it.

Relax at home, but make sure to take care of yourself daily with proper hygiene, shower early in the day, get dressed, shave regularly. 

Not out of obligation to do what he wants, but out of a desire to please him, to make yourself attractive to him, to show him that his opinion matters to you because HE matters to you.

Wouldn't you appreciate the same treatment from him?

Let's be wives who honor their husbands and seek to please them in all things, including our appearance.

Have you recently asked your husband's opinion about something related to your appearance? I'd love to hear about how you're honoring him that way - share in the comments!


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