5 Reasons Wives Should Make It A Priority To Respect Their Husbands
Why is respect towards our husbands SO important?

Most women want to feel loved and cherished by their husbands in the same way that husbands want to be respected by their wives.

Over the years, I've learned many reasons wives should respect their husbands. Here are my top 5.
1️⃣ God commands it.
Ephesians 5:33 - "However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband."
2️⃣ Men thrive on respect.
If a man believes his wife respects him, he usually feels like he can take on the world. 
3️⃣ Men value respect over love.
Given the option between love and respect, most men would prefer to feel unloved rather than disrespected. It sounds harsh to us, because we thrive on love, but men value respect.
4️⃣ Respect communicates trust.
When you show your husband respect, it tells them you trust them to lead your family well. When you disrespect him, it tells him that you don't trust his ability to lead.
5️⃣ Men need respect to feel appreciated and valued.
In a marital conflict, most men would not say they feel unloved - they would say they feel disrespected. When wives show their husbands respect, they feel valued and appreciated.
What do you think? What other reasons would you add to this?

Do you think your husband would say that he feels respected by you?


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